Tony Fenn was born in the industrial city of Newcastle England. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Robotics from Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Tony settled in the USA with his wife Jackie in 1987 and began a successful career as an expert automation engineer, and travelled the world building Pharmaceutical factories.

When Tony’s two daughters were born he started playing with their paints and he realized that there were untapped areas in his abilities and his journey in art began.  His natural artistic side came as a complete surprise to him. For 30 years he has explored his skills and mastered oils, watercolor and sculpture. In 2022 he was also awarded a Journeyman in Blacksmithing by Florida Artist Blacksmith Association. 

10 years ago, Tony and his family moved to Florida and he became an avid scuba diver.  When he was surrounded deep in the ocean by sharks, he was totally enthralled and inspired by the beauty and majesty of the ocean and its creatures.

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