Sculptor Tauno Kangro was born on 25 May 1966 in Tallinn. Kangro began to study art already in his early school days and in 1993 he graduated from the Estonian National University of Art, majoring in sculpture. Kangro’s distinctive sculptures have become the symbolic objects of a number of places in Europe. He mostly uses bronze, granite and dolomite as the material. Kangro’s work is very versatile and themes have developed over the years into fascinating mix of mythology and realism.

Many of his sculptures are displayed in various public spaces like in town squares, parks, and art collections in Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, and Finland.” Animals and wildlife is one of the prominent themes through the sculptures. When some pieces are very realistic, then others are rather humorous. Also humans are a prominent theme with various professions turned into exhibition collections like Chefs or Musicians or Dancers. For the more delicate and natural taste there is the Nudes collection, which symbolises life in its purest and most romantic form.

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