Growing up in an artistic environment, Kuala Lumpur-based Peisy Ting did not set out to be an artist. Still, a lingering affection for art and design lead her to Birmingham City University, the UK, where she graduated with a degree in Visual Communications in 1999. Upon her return to Malaysia, she spent more than a decade and a half as an art director in advertising before taking a heartfelt leap to pursue her hidden passion for painting.


As a self-taught artist, Peisy seeks to blend and flow articulating visions through her brush as she translates these experiential emotions into physical forms with simple and bold compositions infused with a raw rebellious edge. Her work is in a continuous state of evolution and she looks to her past experiences as well as heritage as a preamble to her future creations. Peisy’s art has been displayed in shows in London and Bangkok.


“My mission is to render the invisible visible, aiming to pierce the viewer’s subconscious to challenge their emotions and question what they see.”

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