James Edward Lomax is an English artist. He studied art in Cornwall in the Southwest of England, where he specialised in sculpture. His prodigious talent was soon recognised, and he developed his own unique and exquisite approach to sculpting. He is currently based in Bali, Indonesia where he continues to experiment with different natural materials creating mystical sculptures for his international collectors. 


“My work is a reflection on the human experience. The mundane daily squeeze of humanity the pressure cooker we can live in, down to the daily grit under our nails. Through a lens of humour and hope with the wry smile and belief of the witch doctor, I create objects and images of the human form mixed with the precious and supernatural. Collaborations of forms that bridge worlds. The human form is a canvas for my imagination, a vessel for expressing the fluidity of the human experience. We are endlessly captivating, our emotions constantly shifting. The body is a place of constant change, and I find myself drawn to the inexplicable, the unmeasurable essence that lies beyond the physical. It is this mystery that I seek to capture in my art.”

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