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James Edward Lomax is an English artist in his early 30’s. He studied art in Cornwall in the Southwest of England, where he specialised in sculpture. His prodigious talent was soon recognised, and he developed his own unique and exquisite approach to sculpting. He is currently based in Bali, Indonesia where he continues to experiment with different natural materials creating mystical sculptures for his many international collectors. He has exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Show in London for many years and is represented at The Englishman Fine Art in Naples, Florida.

"My works range within a unique and heady mix of resilience and brilliance, otherworldliness and science.

My current project, Seismic Pressure, is a liminal state series of the serene feminine, cast with bronze and crystals.

Humanity struggles and nevertheless it endures. With hope, humour and magic we are kept afloat. We are formed and compressed like malleable clay by our internal and external landscapes and in our present world state it feels somewhat like we are in a collective apocalyptic epoch.

Yet my work, like each one of us, is essentially full of optimism and growth, a signal of confidence and light in a seemingly darkening world. Crystals as an allegory again convey this purpose of polarities, of natural material subdued to such intense crushing heat, and somehow, this seismic pressure over decades, an age, or many lifetimes, has managed to birth something so exquisite, precious and wild, exuding promise and mystery.”

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