British artist Ian Edwards creates contemporary figurative bronze sculptures that represent the endeavour of the human spirit in finding different ways to overcome adversity. 

By the time he was twenty-one Ian had already completed a five year ornamental wood-carving apprenticeship – where he studied anatomy and developed a passion for creating form.Inspired by nature’s primal essence, an initial wildlife collection paved the way to his true calling, sculpting meaningful figurative works and exhibiting them to an international clientele. For Ian, the organic physicality of a sculpture is intertwined with nature: “It is very innate, but it is always present in me and my work.” 

His portfolio includes iconic sculptures such as THE CALLING, LEAP OF FAITH, CREATION OF SELF, LIFE’S WAVE and his latest work, THE EMERGENCE. His symbolic pieces are imbued with a sense of true insight on the human condition. Each one explores the universal theme of becoming the greatest version of yourself and finding fulfilment in one form or another: starting from scratch, gaining through suffering, and achieving success. 

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