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Anna is an Estonian painter, in her work she focuses mainly on nature, women’s or more correctly her own psyche and personal interpretations of various realizations put into symbols. Lately, the main focus of her work has been on varieties of duality and the idea of opposites actually making a whole. The artworks usually tell inner stories, like a visual diary of different life situations and existential problems and different ways to solve them, based on the knowledge she has  At that time. That’s maybe why the figure in the paintings looks like me most of the time.


She has noticed from time to time that it becomes not so much only her own story because she puts the particular experience in a more abstract form, which widens the opportunity for the viewer and maybe even herself. Some people who may not happen to see my work as an existential crisis or symbolized portrayal of her inner struggles can interpret me more as a fanatic plant-lover lady, which also depicts quite well. She Has been actively showing her work for the past 5 years.

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